Youth Leadership Opportunities

Pride for Youth offers several opportunities for young LGBTQ people (under 21) to get actively involved in our work and our community. We need your help to combat homophobia on Long Island and raise awareness of HIV/AIDS! You can also contribute to our Coffeehouse program by sharing your ideas, talents and energy in the planning of upcoming events.

Pride Committee

The Pride Committee is a group of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender youth (under 21) and straight allies who come together every Friday to take the lead on special events and weekly happenings at the Coffeehouse.

Pride Committee has put together exciting programs such as talent shows, Long Island’s best Halloween Party, dance contests, and Broadway Comes to the Coffeehouse, among many other events.

Pride Committee meets every Friday night at 10:00pm at the Coffeehouse. All you need to participate is some time to give, an open mind, and ideas to share. Contact Jill Estes, (516) 679-9000, ext. 16 to sign up.


Left: Gardening Project, Summer '06   

Right: Program Leaders retreat at Jones Beach '13

Program Leaders

Looking for a really cool job?

Every summer, Pride for Youth holds an intensive training program for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBTQ) youth in preparation so that they may educate their peers in Nassau County about sexual health issues that affect teens today. Program Leaders are selected based on their ability to reach out to their peers through public speaking, writing, in addition to other networking platforms. A strong commitment to preventing HIV/AIDS and STI’s, as well as addressing other sexual health concerns of LGBTQ youth, is essential to become a Program Leader.

Once training is completed, Program Leaders are assigned to a variety of tasks. They present workshops on HIV/AIDS, STI’s, teen pregnancy and LGBTQ issues. They participate in a Youth/Adult Consortium to promote optimal teen sexual health through research, communication and training. They assist the Mpowerment program, which provides outreach, HIV prevention and community events to young gay/bisexual men. And last but not least, Program Leaders update and maintain a blog to educate youth on all aspects of sexual health and healthy decision making. You're encouraged to check us out at the following:

Program Leader blog

As a Program Leader, you get paid to all of this!!

If you are interested in applying to be a program leader, first ask yourself the following questions:

  • Am I available to participate in training during August?
  • Am I available Tuesday evenings throughout the year?
  • Am I between the ages of 16 and 20? (those turning 16 in September can apply too!)
  • Do I like to learn new things and teach things to others?
  • Am I committed to helping other LGBTQ youth stay safe and healthy?

If you answered yes to all of the Contact Jill Estes, Program Leader Coordinator, at (516) 679-9000, ext. 16, to set up an interview.

Program Leaders participating in team building and individual development activities at their Outward Bound retreat, New Jersey 2013.

Youth Representatives

Every year, two young people who participate at Pride for Youth are selected to represent their peers on the agency’s Board of Directors. These Youth Representatives play an important role ensuring that young people’s voices are heard and that adult staff understand current issues affecting their lives.

Throughout the year, Youth Representatives attend about six meetings with the full Board of Directors where they provide reports on how Pride for Youth programs are doing. They are assigned to additional committees dealing with fundraising, governance and/or quality improvement. They also meet with Pride for Youth’s Director and Long Island Crisis Center’s Executive Director to gain knowledge of how a not-for-profit operates.

This is a volunteer opportunity and an extremely valuable experience for young people building resumes for college and/or future employment.

For more information about Youth Representatives, contact Pete Carney,, (516) 679-9000, ext. 11