Community Education


Educating students, teachers, professionals and the public about LGBTQ youth is an integral part of Pride for Youth’s mission. Myths and stereotypes about LGBTQ teenagers limit young people’s appreciation of diversity and can contribute to violence and harassment in school and community settings. Many young people (and adults) think they have little experience with LGBTQ people, which can result in the proliferation of misconceptions and irrational fears. Those who are coming out or questioning need relevant information about sexuality in order to understand themselves better.

Pride for Youth offers an array of community workshops to promote better understanding of LGBTQ youth and render schools and communities safer, more welcoming spaces for all young people.

Workshop Facilitators are trained community educators. Youth/Adult co-facilitated workshops are available upon request. To schedule any of our workshops, contact Pete Carney, (516) 679-9000, ext. 11.

Workshops are provided free of charge to Nassau County schools, health and human service agencies and youth organizations. Programs can be arranged at other locations or settings for a reasonable fee. Contact us for more information.

Understanding Homophobia

This workshop introduces the concepts of discrimination, stereotypes, prejudice, homophobia, and sexual orientation through interactive discussion and questions and answers with an openly lesbian or gay speaker. The goal is to raise workshop participants’ awareness of the impact of homophobia on everyone and to reduce anti-gay bullying, harassment and violence.

Understanding Homophobia can be geared to a variety of audiences: middle school, high school and upper grade elementary school students; college students; adults; and parents. The workshop is available in 45 minute, 60 minute and 90 minute formats. Due to the interactive nature of the program, we cannot accommodate audiences larger than 35.

Making Schools Safer For LGBTQ Students

Homophobia in schools is a pervasive problem that can take the form of bullying, bashing, sexual harassment, or ignoring the needs of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender students. Homophobia creates an unsafe climate for students and teachers, both gay and non-gay, and increasingly, schools are responding to this problem with sophisticated strategies.

This training program (45-90 minutes) will sensitize teachers and other school staff to the impact of homophobia on schools. Participants will learn realistic strategies for handling homophobia in the classroom and appropriate policies for ensuring a safe environment for students.

Working With LGBTQ Youth

Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender youth comprise up to 10 percent of the teen population but face specific obstacles to their healthy development such as homophobia, stigma and isolation. This 90 minute – 3-hour workshop will help professionals who work with youth better understand gay and transgender identity development. Participants will learn relevant interventions for assisting youth who are coming to understand themselves as LGBTQ, thereby reducing youth’s risk for suicide, substance abuse, HIV/AIDS and other common problems.

This workshop is appropriate for school support staff, health and mental health providers, and many other audiences that work directly with young people. Workshops can be adapted for professionals working in a variety of settings: health care, mental health, substance abuse, and foster care, among others. Please note an honorarium may be required.

Understanding Transphobia

Transphobia is the irrational fear and hatred of transgender people. Transgender is an umbrella term that covers a range of gender identities that are completely natural but do not follow the norm. This workshop teaches participants about gender and gender variance through interactive discussion and activities. The goal is to create greater understanding and appreciation of gender diversity.

It is recommended that student and adult audiences go through Understanding Homophobia before Understanding Transphobia. Understanding Transphobia is a 45-90 minute workshop that can be geared toward high school, college, adult and parent audiences.